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Closing/Demolition of Commercial Facility

Advantage Environment performed asbestos/lead inspections of occupied areas of the facility. Reviewed project renovation submittals, drawings etc. and planned the pre-demolition inspections to fit the project. Additionally, area air monitoring, safety inspections, clearance inspections, project abatement/remediation specifications, and final reports were only some of the duties performed while onsite with this client.

Residential Asbestos and Lead Survey


This home was scheduled to undergo extensive remodeling- to include the roof and basement. Prior to the demolitions process, Advantage Environmental took samples from different areas in the home to determine the presence of Asbestos in different materials. Advantage Environmental was responsible for the proper identification of asbestos and lead.

Commercial Building Improvement


This building was scheduled to undergo extensive tenant improvements. On this project Advantage Environmental was responsible for performing the asbestos and lead demolition inspections, specification generation, contractor bid walks, contractor selection, contractor submittal control, project management, daily site safety inspections, clearance inspections, air monitoring, and the project final report. This project involved approximately 45,000 square feet of space. This project was completed on time and within budget.

Residential Asbestos/ Mold Abatement

This project included the removal of asbestos and dangerous mold from multiple apartment units. The asbestos was identified in the linoleum flooring glue. The mold was found  behind the drywall. Advantage Environmental was responsible for sampling and reporting the findings for the asbestos and mold spores pre- and post-abatement. 

Highrise Abatement Oversite & Demolition

This 10.7 million dollar project ran for two years. Kris was responsible for the regulatory compliance for two asbestos abatement contractors. The project included the removal of all asbestos, inside and out, on two twenty-story high rise buildings. Provided an accurate and complete asbestos survey and report to the Federal Government. The buildings were abated simultaneously. The project included the removal of TSI, skin coat over concrete, flooring, doors, windows, plumbing, mechanical, electrical and paint from all exterior surfaces of the building. 

Commercial Buildout

Performed daily site safety inspections during this project. Was responsible for overseeing site safety for 12 plus contractors during this $44 million dollar construction project. Was the liaison between the contractors and the client for safety related issues. This includes reviewing the contractor safety submittals site inspection for OSHA compliance, documenting incidents or accidents. This project also included the removal of hazardous materials (asbestos) in the soil. Approximately 80,000 cubic feet of soil was removed to make way for the recessed chaseways.

Commercial Building Upgrade 

This project was commissioned because the building was under going a fire suppression upgrade. Prior to the fire suppression contractor installing the system, the plenum spaces had to have the acoustic over spray and debris removed to prevent contamination to the building. Advantage was responsible for contractor submittal control, project oversight, air monitoring, project clearance, and liaison between the contractor and the government. This project was executed over a period of eight weekends.

Industrial Soil Sampling

This project  was the renovation of multiple Industrial buildings. The renovation would include sealing the lead-based exterior paint and minor excavation around the perimeter of the building.  Advantage Environmental was responsible for sampling the paint for lead and the soil for asbestos- chrysotile- particles. Once the samples were analyzed, Advantage Environmental consulted with the company to ensure compliance with OSHA standards.

Dam Asbestos Removal 


This project was to remove the expanding joint compound in a dam. After sampling, it was determined that the compound had asbestos. Advantage Environmental was responsible for the sampling, reporting, and supervision of the project. The asbestos compound was completely removed without compromising environmental, health, or safety standards.

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